Sunday, 29 July 2012

Dry July....

A good friend of mine has gone "dry" for July to raise money for cancer. Here is her story.
In loving honour of my fabulously beautiful mum 'Poddles' whom went with the angels last July, Rich and I decided to go DRY!
Mum had oesophogarial cancer 12 years ago which is a very aggressive cancer with a 5% survival rate. Mum beat it with her fighting spirit and positive attitude. The Dr's told her she had 3 months to live. She serenely replied 'Please don't tell me how long I have to live!'
 The radiation treatment that saved her life 12 years ago, unfortunately ended her life last July. We will be eternally grateful for all those extra years , sharing many fabulously fun and wonderful family times. We had a lot of time to say goodbye and it was a beautiful and positive experience.
In support of many adults still living with and fighting cancer today, going 'Dry' it is the least we can do to help!
I have created a team called 'No Cheeky Ones' of which I have 11 members.
Most are doing it for health reasons which is fine... I am more obsessive and doing it to raise the maximum amount hence the key driver! (The one with the big whip!)
Why - If I raise $14K a generous friend (whom lost his sister to cancer 5 years ago) will match this!
To date he has matched me and contributed $8K. I must raise another $4.5K to receive his final $6K payment (his maximum matching amount which is just FABULOUS). Obviously this is very motivating and I am very obsessive, driving everyone crazy. I have spreadsheets galore of who has donated, who has not however have said they will... so it is follow up after follow up which if fine. I am doing my absolute BEST!
Please help me and donate today... $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 I don't care - every dollar ADDS up! Help me make mum PROUD!

The most beautiful thing in all of this is.... Today I had a most amazing experience!

Mum has been helping me however I feel her presence very strongly this afternoon (in the shower actually) and she came to me with the answer. She wants to contribute also as she had her own monies (honestly this is what she is saying). In her spirit nature, as she did on earth with us.... she was always there in the end to help when most necessary.... a shining light. It is a very beautiful thing and she very much wants to feel part of all this as she too was very charitable and always helped others enormously.

I am just very grateful for the connection and her support on this deeper level which is quite amazing and puts my faith back in God.

It does make sense when you think about how selfless mum was in that aspect as a person. It is also her stubborness in a funny way and not wanting to miss out on anything and be involved in something so important and have the 'final say'! I do smile at this aspect.

Let's make mum proud! I miss her so much even though she is always with me xx

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