Friday, 8 March 2013

Be Present

I just came across this wonderful article on It reminds me of something my mum said to me a couple of weeks before she died. Thank you Meghan O'Rourke for sharing your story and reminding us all to live in the PRESENT.

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  1. I love your blog Cheryl. I too am a Motherless daughter thanks to the demon Cancer. As a mother of a daughter myself, I focus every single day on providing her with the strength and tenacity that my Mum instilled in me, so that she too, can go on without me when the time arises. As a late life Mum (40 when she was born, having had three sons as a younger wife and Mum), my fear is that I will not be here for her when she needs me as a student, a businesswoman, a bride, a wife, a mother. For her to have access to a network of 'Mums' through your proposed charity, would alleviate some of my own fears. I am inspired by you.



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