Monday, 8 August 2011

When it happens to others....

Recently a gorgeous friend of mine lost her mum. When she told me that the angels had come & taken her mum away I cried. All my "raw" feelings popped up to the surface & there was nothing I could do. My friend had a beautiful relationship with her mother & was lucky to spend alot of quality time with her before she passed away. She even got to write her mums "final" words with her which is just amazing. All I can say to this friend is that it will be a difficult journey without your beautiful mum but there are so many people who are here for you. Also, BE KIND on yourself. When you have your moments & days, just remember to be GENTLE on yourself and your emotions. Remember your mum is your guardian angel & she will ALWAYS be there for you! Don't be suprised if she sends some amazing people your way to help you on your journey. xx

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